The Foundation of All Relationships

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Want a purposeful life and purposeful relationships?

We’re glad you visited this page. Since you’re here, it must mean that you’re looking to bring purpose and meaning to your life and to your relationships.


Want to know a secret?

If you want a life and your relationships to be fruitful and to give fulfillment, we can’t start with you and other people. IT ALL HAS TO START WITH GOD.

God is the author your life and God is the author of relationships

God created you for a reason and a purpose. Since He is your “craftsman”, He is the best source to consult if you want to live a meaningful life.

God wants what is best for you! He not only wants to bless you and shower favor upon you, but He wants you to be an instrument of love and blessing to others as well.


Oh, and don’t for a second think that God is anti-relationships, as most of us grow up assuming. God is the AUTHOR of relationships. God gave Eve to Adam because He didn’t want him to be alone. God crafted families, friendships, and communities. But the thing is…He also wants what is BEST for our relationships. Not what WE think is best, but what really is the best according to our Creator.

Having a Relationship
with God

It’s one thing to “know about God” and another thing to have a real, intimate relationship with Him. If you think you have only known God from a distance, then today is the day that can change!



God loves the world, and loves YOU–yes, you! He wants what is best for us and He delights in us! His kind of love is a chesed kind of love–meaning, it is UNCONDITIONAL and LIMITLESS! He wants you to experience His love personally and discover your purpose in life.

1 John 4:16 | Psalm 16:11



Sadly, even if God wants us to be in deep fellowship with Him, we do not experience His love because we ignore Him and set Him aside. We look everywhere else for the fulfillment of our longings — but we don’t seek God. We don’t trust Him and we don’t believe that He wants what is best for us. We go our own way, and act according to our own will selfishly, and this is what the Bible calls sin. Because of sin, our relationship with God, our relationship with others and our relationship with ourself is destroyed and damaged. We are also unable to live out the purposeful and fulfilling life that God wants for us.

Romans 3:23 | Isaiah 59:2

Our sin and selfishness do not stop God from loving us. As we said, His kind of love is boundless! In fact, He showed His love in an ultimate form of sacrifice by being human in JESUS CHRIST and giving His life for us. You see, sin’s consequence is death–both physically and spiritually. 
What Jesus did is that He took our place on the cross, bearing all the consequences of sin Himself. Jesus died – but He rose to life again, now victorious over death and sin.
What happened was a trade: Jesus dies for us, so that we can live with Him.
John 3:16 | 1 Peter 3:18
God wants us to receive this gift. If we believe in what Jesus did and acknowledge that we cannot save ourselves and can only trust in Him, we exchange places with Jesus–we are made “right” in God’s sight, and our sins are nailed on the cross with Jesus.
Because of that, we can now have peace with God and a personal relationship with Him because when God looks at us, He sees Jesus! Through faith in Jesus, we don’t need to be apart from God anymore with shame and guilt. We can experience God’s love daily, discover our purpose, and have eternal life after death.
As you saw above, God has done everything to show that He loves us. Through Jesus Christ, He offers us fulfillment and eternal life. Without Him, our lives and even our relationships will be meaningless and empty. We will always lack love because we don’t have an infinite source.
We can talk to God directly – we call it “prayer” – to ask for forgiveness for living our lives without Him. We can then make that choice to trust God from now on and live a life that is in accordance with what He wants for us.

Are you deciding to make that choice in your life to believe in God and live a life pleasing to Him?

Send us a message if you want to make that choice! We will help explain more to you and also connect you with a local church and provide you next steps to help you grow in your life and relationships.


If you have already put your faith in Jesus before, make a conscious choice to daily commit to Him, and make sure that you “work out” your salvation and deepen your relationship with God through being part of a spiritual community, devoting time for Bible reading and prayer, and being filled with the Holy Spirit.