8 Things I Like About My Boyfriend

8 Things I Like About My Boyfriend

Natz and I recently celebrated our 8th month together! *cue confetti*

We both agree that it has felt like 2 years though, given everything that we went through. We were quick to graduate from the giddy, pooping-rainbows stage, and were confronted with lots of struggles early on in the relationship. Surprisingly though, we are both grateful for it ’cause we’ve learned so much about each other over our time together.

That said, I remain to be VERY grateful for Natz! And to celebrate our 8 months of togetherness (and my re-commitment to post here more often), here are 8 random things I appreciate about him (already setting aside many other stuff that I seem to have already talked about in this blog).

1. He has his own personal and deep walk with Christ.It makes such a big difference when you’re in a relationship with someone who has a real, intimate relationship with God, and who’s not just a Christian on paper or on his FB bio or on Sundays. I like how he can’t text me because he’s having his devotion. I like how he asks for some time at night so that he can meditate on God’s Word. I like how we always talk about what God’s teaching us individually, as it becomes fruitful conversation.

2. He taught me to be more generous and selfless.I already thought that I was generous and selfless–esp. with my being such a super-ate in the family–but being with Natz just trumps all of my self-righteousness! Haha! Sample story: We were heading somewhere with a friend and 2 tricycles refused to let us ride. The driver of the 3rd one was kind enough to succumb to our request, and Natz paid the fare. I eventually found out that he paid the guy 100 pesos (!!!!) when it would normally just cost us 30 or 40 pesos for the trip. I was dumbfounded and I questioned why on earth he would do that. He said that he wanted to bless the guy for doing the right thing. I did not like his answer and still got annoyed, feeling like we got duped…that was until I felt in my spirit that I was WRONG. Haha. I apologized and eventually agreed that he did the right thing.

3. He makes an effort to be close to my family and friends.Natz gifts my mom with fruits, and also just recently gifted my relatives and our church associate pastor with souvenirs when he went home to the province. I didn’t even know that he did this. He also gave my sister some equipment for her violin to help her when she plays with our worship team. He’s friends with my cousins, and he’s friends with my friends and churchmates. I am just bewildered at times, but it’s such a relief that he does this even without me asking.

4. He makes time for us despite his busy schedule.Natz is the busiest human being on earth. He’s even busier than me! As a person with quality time as my main love language, this would usually spell doom. But, Natz has made so much effort to carve time for us no matter how busy he is. (I, in turn, try not to be clingy and demanding. But that is for a separate post by itself.)

5. He always assures me of his love.Natz always likes saying “I love you”, which rubbed off on me. And he doesn’t just say it in passing, but instead says it like he indeed means it.

6. He is not perfect, but has a desire to grow and improve.Nothing’s more difficult than being with someone who just wants you to love him as he is, and does not show any innate desire to change for the better. I appreciate how Natz does not need my pushing and nagging to desire to improve. He is humble about his flaws, and knows that while I love him for who he is, it is for his & our best (and for God’s pleasure) that we both grow & be sanctified from glory to glory.

7. He doesn’t give me any reason to be jealous.Being used to having guys in my life who seem to have a knack for juggling girls, it’s a breath of fresh air to be with a person whom I know is loyal and committed. While I do get jealous (for reasons I make up in my mind haha), it honestly is never his fault. Praise God for faithful men!

8. He finds beauty in my messes.Natz has a habit of making me twirl around like a princess and then telling me I’m beautiful–yes, even during days when I feel like the most horrible person in the world. He sees me the way that God sees me–which is such a nice change from being used to pressure to look nice in the physical. Even with my no-make-up face, my messy hair, and my unflattering outfits, he finds me beautiful. It just confirms to me even more that this guy loves me as Jesus does.

There’s more that I can write about things I appreciate about Natz, but I’ll reserve those for when we celebrate our 536th month 😉
It’s been the most wonderful 8 months of my life, getting to share it with you. I love you, Nonats!

8 Thins I Like About My Boyfriend
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