Play Nation Philippines: Best Gaming Date Place in Manila

Play Nation Philippines Best Board Game Date Place in Manila

In this post, we share about on of our favorite finds while we were scouring for date ideas for couples — Play Nation Philippines!

Our Date Place Dilemma

It’s so tough to adult!!! If I could talk to my 16 year-old self who was itching to grow up, I’d tell her to take it easy. Natz and I have so many responsibilities in our family life, work life, and ministry life that we’d go days without sharing a good laugh–which is a weird thing if you know how fun-loving and outgoing we both are.
Even our date days have become pretty “standard”. Our normal date day will involve:

  • hitting the mall
  • grabbing some lunch
  • discussing a misunderstanding we had over lunch
  • being clueless where to hang out in the afternoon, and
  • heading to church to check on my ministry teams.

The “being clueless” bit is pretty crucial as we’d end up either coffee shop/dessert place hopping or window shopping for hours just so that we can spend time together. It hurts our wallet. And it can get a bit boring at times.

Discovering Play Nation Philippines

Our problem was solved when we re-discovered a hobby that we can enjoy together: playing board games! We discovered Play Nation Philippines during one date night while were walking around after dinner. We didn’t know that there was such a place at UP Town Center! Too bad, we were done eating and already so full! 🙁 We knew that Play Nation Philippines was a great date idea so we vowed to come back next time!

Why We Like Play Nation Philippines

  1. You get to have fun again and share laughs with each other as we played games. You get to be in a more relaxed environment where you only have to worry if your island tile is going to sink (Woohoo, Forbidden Island!) or if we bet on the right camel (Camel Up, for life!). Playing helps take our mind off of worries and concerns.
  2. You get to annoy one another, which is expected from competitive people (if you’re like us haha). For the record, I have only lost to my husband on our 1:1 matches playing Ticket to the Ride, Colt Express, and Tokyo Highway.
  3. You get to learn to cooperate & strategize in some games (e.g. Forbidden Island) which is fun and such a real-life prep.
  4. You get to serve one another by playing different roles (no, not board game roles but real life roles) as you play. For our case, Natz is assigned to refill our food, and me being theI get to be the game rules explainer. :p
  5. You get to practice selflessness, forgiveness, and being more considerate with one another, especially when someone’s already racking on all the points.
  6. You get to spend a lot of time together! Time flies when you’re playing board games! You won’t realize that you’ve already been there for 2 hours when you’re so busy strategizing how to win. It’s perfect for those with QUALITY TIME as their love language.

Why play board games at Play Nation Philippines?

We really love playing together at Play Nation Philippines, as it is actually what started this new joint hobby of ours. Here are some reasons why we love playing there!

  1. Play Nation Philippines has a wide variety of games. All those that I’ve mentioned above are available for you to play. Well, of course you’ll have to share them with other customers, but that shouldn’t be a problem because…
  2. Play Nation Philippines is not overcrowded. The whole place is spacious–with some areas intended for console games–but even the board game area itself respects your personal space 😉 You’ll still have the freedom to talk when you’re in a date or even when you’re hanging out with your friends I’ve been to other board game cafes and it really bothered me that the folks from the neighboring table were literally one or two feet away from me.
  3. Play Nation Philippines has friendly staff 🙂 They’re approachable and accommodating — and, they can even help explain the game to you!
  4. Play Nation Philippines has pretty good food! We are fans of their pizza!!
  5. Play Nation Philippines has reasonable prices! Instead of spending thousands in various places just o get to hangout, a few hundreds would suffice at Play Nation Philippines and it’s soooo worth your money.

Best Deal: Weekends and Holidays at Play Nation Philippines

A VERY IMPORTANT TIP: We HIGHLY recommend that you visit during weekends and holidays for the following reasons…

  1. The minimum consumable amount per head is just 300 pesos. That’s more or less enough for one meal.
  2. You get UNLIMITED gaming time which we of couryou of course need to make the most of especially since Play Nation Philippines has a LOT of games to choose from
  3. You get UNLIMITED POPCORN and DRINKS! YESSSSSSSSSSS. Unlimited. Popcorn. And. Drinks. There are even two flavors of popcorn and two flavors of juice. That option is ONLY available on weekends and holidays, which is honestly why we go there during those days 😉

Our Verdict on Play Nation Philippines

Can you believe it? For just 600 pesos, you get to hang out in an Instagrammable and airconditioned place, you get to munch on good food, and you get to play a lot of board games!

We’ve learned that the couple who plays together, stops quarreling with one another! Hahaha! ‘Cause who has time to keep on disagreeing when you’re having so much fun stuffing yourself with food and planning out ways to beat your boyfriend/girlfriend over a board game? 😉 We tell you– Play Nation Philippines is a great date idea for couples!

How about you? What’s your favorite hobby with your special person?

Play Nation Philippines Boardgame Date Place Manila
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