5 Tips on How to Live a Single Christian Life

How to Enjoy Being a Single Christian

Some say that life as a single Christian is boring. But, we just have to disagree! It can be fun to be a Christ-follower even if while you’re not yet in a relationship. That said, here are some ideas on how to live a single Christian life.

5 Tips on How to Live a Single Christian Life

#1: Deepen your relationship with the Lord

There’s no better time to have a more intimate walk with God that during your season of singleness. I encounter some Christian singles who post pictures of couples doing their devotion together and mark it as their ‘relationship goals’…and yet they themselves don’t deepen their relationship with God through personal prayer and Bible reading. Here’s a truth bomb:

The level of your intimacy with the Lord while you are single can set the tone for your relationship’s Christ-centeredness.

Get to know Jesus more even in your life as a single Christian, and don’t put it off for when you’re married. Desire to experience His love and grace personally and deeply in your life as an individual…and without the need of a boyfriend/girlfriend to influence you to do what God wants you to do.

Get close to God. It’s the foundation of being content and truly learning how to live a single Christian life.

#2: Build strong and healthy friendships

Life as a single Christian doesn’t mean that you have to do life alone. Not being in a committed relationship yet can actually mean that you have the freedom to meet more people and build more healthy friendships! Spend extra time in church and meet fellow singles for fellowship and bonding. We ourselves can attest to finding life-long friends from our spiritual community, and even from those in other churches.

It’s no secret, but there really is no way of how to live a single Christian life if you don’t surround yourself with other people who can both challenge you and support you.

Note: While we recommend that your "core group" be composed of people who have the SAME VALUES as you, don't close yourself off to unchurched friends. Build healthy friendships with them as well - as long you make sure not to be conformed to worldly things.

how to enjoy being a single christian

#3: Develop yourself and your skills

Got no date on a weekend? No problem! Find opportunities for you to grow as an individual and in different aspects of your life. To enjoy life as a single Christian, it doesn’t really mean that you don’t get to be productive!

Attend talks and workshops of topics of your liking. When I was still single, I attended quite a plethora of talks and workshops ranging from stock market investments, to being a single Christian woman. Take classes for skills you’d like to develop (e.g. carpentry, painting, coffee-making, the list is almost endless…) or maybe go and take a literal class online or in person (e.g. something on Coursera). Learn how to be more organized, learn how to draw, learn how to draw…there’s so much you can do!

Make it a goal to grow into a complete and fruitful individual while you’re single. Don’t waste the time that you have on your hands 🙂

how to enjoy being a christian single

#4: Serve others in the community

Ask someone with young kids, and they’d probably say that this is something they wish they can still do. While you’re still single, make the most of your skills and resources by being of service in the community. That’s a key component of how to live a single Christian life!

Similar to point #1, I’ve also seen some single Christians who post about their “relationship goal” being having a life partner who’s a ministry partner. And yet, I have never seen them involved in the ministry while single. Again, it doesn’t work that way. You won’t magically become active in Kingdom work when you get coupled up (it’s honestly the opposite for some). Serve God and serve others now.

how to enjoy being a single christian

Ask your church leaders on how you can contribute to the church through volunteering. I’m sure there’s a space for you in kids’ ministry, hospitality, multimedia, and the many other ministry opportunities needing an extra hand in your local church. You can also get involved in non-profit organizations and be part of charitable work outside (e.g. building homes, repacking goods, teaching financially-challenged students, etc).

There’s not better way to live a single Christian life but being able to fully use everything that God has given you for the benefit of others.

#5: Seek guidance from a mentor, and build up a mentee

This is something that most forget about when they try to come up with ways on how to live a single Christian life. Yet, it’s one of the most important things. Seek wisdom from a more experienced and God-honoring mentor that you look up to. Be a sponge and take in all the learnings that you can get in all aspects of your life–including (AND ESPECIALLY) how to manage romantic relationships!

how to enjoy being a single christian

And, look for someone YOU can mentor as well. You may think that you don’t have wisdom to share as a young person, but trust us, a young person can do well learning from you. Connect with your church or find someone in the community that you can invest in, and find joy and fulfillment as you see that person grow while you grow yourself.

We hope that these tips help you to make the most of life and enjoy life as a single Christian!


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