6 REALLY Nice Things to Say to Your Spouse

6 Things You Should Say To Your Partner

Knowing the right thing to say in a relationship or a marriage is pretty tricky. Communication is so important, and we have to be careful with what we say. After all, there’s a lot that can be lost in translation.

That said, there are some phrases that should definitely be part of your relationship vocabulary and are REALLY nice things to say to your spouse! Here are 6 things to say to your partner every day…or at least every chance that you can get to.


When was the last time that you asked your partner how he/she is…and actually showed interest in their answer? We usually take this simple phrase for granted but it works wonders. This phrase is something you need to say to your partner every day. In fact, this is top 1 on our list of nice things to say to your spouse!

Check in with him/her often — and every once in a while, dig deeper than the usual “I’m fine” response, and avoid the temptation to interrupt when your partner tells their story. It will be so assuring for your special someone to know that you genuinely care about them. After all, it’s more than just a “nice thing to say” but is indicative of concern and care towards your partner.


As much as we love our partners, we remain to be human who have selfish tendencies. It’s so easy to think that MY WAY IS THE RIGHT WAY, but a key to keeping your relationship healthy is to consider what your partner thinks. This is one of the nice things to say to your spouse because it shows that you VALUE YOUR PARTNER’S OPINION.

You may be used to making all the decisions in the relationship (especially if your partner is indecisive) but consider what the other person has in mind before running off with your choice. Take note that you are PARTNERS in this — partners who both have a say, especially with major decisions. It would be so hurtful, for example, to decide to quit a job or make a very big purchase without consulting with your special someone — especially since it’s bound to affect you both, and not just yourself.

Again, it’s not just a matter of having a good thing to say to your partner everyday. It’s about learning to INVOLVE the other person and actually SHARE YOUR LIFE with them!


When we’re used to doing stuff for each other, there’s a tendency to take things for granted. Make sure not to miss this when considering nice things to say to your spouse.

Did your partner pick you up from work and drop you off at home? Say thank you. Did your partner pay for your fastfood lunch? Say thank you. Did your partner help carry your stuff? Say thank you. Did your partner encourage you when you were feeling down? Say thank you. You really should include that phrase among the things that you say to your partner everyday.


You may say that “words of appreciation” is not your love language, but there’s no excuse to not say I LOVE YOU to a person you truly love. This is a thing that you should say to your partner everyday!

It’s very refreshing and comforting to be reassured of love. I once tweeted that love EXPRESSED is what we usually need, so go and say it as you mean it, and then follow it up with action. Don’t assume that he/she “knows about your love” anyway — everyone needs to hear it regularly! Make sure it’s in your list of nice things to say to your spouse.

nice things to say to your spouse, things to say to your partner


This phrase had to be emphasized is in this list of really nice things to say to your spouse because we OFTEN miss it!

When in an argument, especially when you’re done with the ‘rainbows and butterflies’ stage of your relationship, our tendency is to be defensive and protect ourselves at all costs. For a relationship to work, we need to be humble enough to admit our mistakes and shortcomings


…and we should also be gracious and forgiving with one another. Whenever I feel disappointed with Natz (or anybody actually), I try to keep in mind how God has forgiven me despite me being…well, me. As the Lord’s Prayer says, “forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us.”

Among the nice things to say to your spouse, this one works special wonders in healing wounds and restoring peace and harmony in your marriage!


These are 6 simple phrases that are not new or groundbreaking. However, they should not remain to just be cliches or standard lines. Rather, consider these to be nice things to say to your spouse! Make sure that these are things that you get to say to your partner every day!


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