Our Intimate Marriage Proposal

Intimate Marriage Proposal Philippines

We want to share with you what went on during our initimate engagement / my boyfriend’s intimate marriage proposal last December 25, 2019! We’re a simple Christian couple in the Philippines and this intimate marriage proposal was done in front of our family.

Before that, these were my thoughts post-proposal, as posted on Facebook:

We’ve already been talking about our desire to get married next year, but I was totally surprised with this proposal — which was pretty obvious with my lack of nail polish and a pretty outfit. It was nothing fancy or grand: just us and the Oyco clan at our home’s rooftop. But I know that it’s just the way Natz intended it to be. After all, that’s a trademark of our relationship. We’re simple, relaxed, and very much just ‘ourselves’–happy to bond over stories and a cup of coffee. By starting off as really good friends with no romantic intent , we got to know each other pretty well and carried it over to our being a couple. There’s no need to put up a front or always put one’s best foot forward because of the assurance that we love each other…flaws and all.

It’s pretty poetic that we made this commitment on Christmas Day because we are only really able to fully know and fully love each other because God sent His Son Jesus to die for us, take on our sins, and clothe us with His righteousness. Jesus is #1 in our lives and we couldn’t even make it past 1 month together if it weren’t for Him. This ring is a reminder now to me not just of Natz’s promise of love and commitment, but how it was only made possible by God loving Natz and I so much first.

I used to dream of marrying a CEO or maybe a rockstar and when there were no signs of it happening (even just the ‘marrying’ part) for the last 28 years, I got a bit impatient. However, I realize now that I am so much more blessed and the wait was worth it. Soon, I get to marry a good man who truly and deeply loves the Lord, who loves me as Christ loves the Church, and who “sanctifies me, cleansing me by the washing of water through the Word”. What a clear demonstration of God’s grace and favor! Truly He makes everything beautiful in His time.

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