TOUCHING Personal Wedding Vows of a Christian Bride

Touching Personal Wedding Vow of Christian Bride

We didn’t just want to share any random wedding vow example with you, so we are sharing a sample Christian bride’s wedding vow that is close to our hearts…because it’s from our wedding πŸ™‚

Backstory: Wedding Vow of a Christian Bride

While most women dream of their wedding gown, I’ve long been fantasizing about my wedding vow. Ever since Jason Magbanua-style videos became a hit, I knew that I wanted to write a Christian wedding vow that’s quotable and can be highlighted on a “same-day edit”. Maybe also something that would make the audience cry buckets of tears afterwards! I’ve always imagined that I’d likely take a week to compose my wedding vows as it should be of essay or feature article levels. 😝When the time came that I actually needed to write my wedding vow, it’s funny because I ended up not preparing so much. I wrote done mine 3 hours before the wedding not because I didn’t care but because:

  1. I was corrected with my motive. It was not an essay writing contest nor a competition for the most beautiful love story. Our wedding vows are an expression of our promise to each other. And…
  2. It was easy. With Natz, I always knew what I wanted to say and what I was committing to. Even at the start of our relationship, it was already clear to me what role I will play in his life.

I don’t know if there were tears from the audience while I was declaring my wedding vow–it suddenly didn’t matter anymore. What mattered was that I was making a promise in front of the Lord and in front of my husband-to-be that I really was intending to fulfill.

And that’s what we hope that you could do for your personal wedding vows as well, which is why we published this as an example for Christian brides out there. And Natz (my husband) ended up crying, so I think I’m okay πŸ˜…πŸ˜

Transcript: Wedding Vow of a Christian Bride

Mahal [My love],

Before everything else, I thank God for this opportunity to get married. This is not at all how I imagined it to be when I was younger, but truly God is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think — because I get to marry my best friend and a truly Godly man — and that’s so much better than what I could imagine.

By God’s grace alone, I promise to love you as Jesus loved us. I will share my food with you (even if it’s my favorite) . I will take interest in your interests (mountain climbing included). I will listen to your type of music (whether it be from David Pomeranz or The Corrs). I will learn how to cook your favorite sinabawang isda [souped fish], and I will attempt to speak your dialect. Always remember: Kag mag-asawa nak pinag-usa sa atubangan it Ginoo at indi dapat pabuyagon it tawo. [Whoever is joined by God in marriage cannot be separated by men.] πŸ™‚

More importantly though, I promise to love you with faithfulness, gentleness and humility — with submission to your leadership. All by God’s grace really! πŸ™‚ I will listen to your stories and struggles. I will encourage you and help boost your faith so that you can always see that you are the righteousness of God in Christ and that you are highly favored because of Jesus’ finished work. I will stick with you whether sick or healthy, whether we have money for Korean BBQ or not — and at the same time believe with you that God is our Healer and Provider.

Until my last breath or until His Kingdom comes, I promise to partner with you as we fulfill the great plan that the Lord has for our lives. I will be by your side as we follow Christ and make followers of Christ.

I am looking forward to reach one more, ten more, a hundred more, a thousand more for Jesus with you, my Kingdom Partner forever.

– Meki

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