INSPIRING Personal Wedding Vows from Groom to Bride

Personal Wedding Vow of Christian Groom

We didn’t just want to share any random alternative Christian wedding vows with you, so we are sharing these wedding vows from groom to bride that is close to our hearts…because it’s from our own “husband and wife wedding” 🙂

Backstory: Wedding Vows from Groom to Bride

One of the most difficult things in writing these wedding vows is how to make it readable — given my handwriting! I got carried away with my emotions and the hand fatigue, so my apologies if it doesn’t look so good on paper (see photo at the end of the post)! But because a wedding vow from groom to bride (or even the other way around) isn’t about how you wrote it but what’s in it anyway, these are my thoughts while I was writing this vow to Melody:

  1. I won’t be able to fulfill this vow for some periods of time but this will be a reminder to me whenever I am not doing what God wants me to do–which is to do the best for my wife.
  2. Reference of my promises will be from Jesus Christ — what He has done for me at the cross, how gracious He is to me and how He loves me.
  3. I remembered how God has been answering my prayers.
  4. I am reminded that when I write a long vow, the probability of getting the vow unfulfillable will likely increase to 80%. (Just kidding! Haha!)

Seriously speaking, it’s still vivid in my memory how before I read my vow, I looked up and thought: “This is it Lord, help me to fulfill this promise”. I didn’t just want it to be random promises at a “husband and wife wedding”, but I wanted them to be meaningful and heartfelt.

Prior to writing this post, I gave my wedding vows another read and even this early, there are some stuff that are challenging for me to fulfill. But that is the beauty in this covenant. It is not just for one season and then you’re out. The promises we make at our “husband and wife wedding” and the marriage covenant itself are a lifetime commitment, as how Jesus Christ’s love is committed until we are in heaven.

Enjoy and may you glean truths and learnings from these alternative Christian wedding vows from groom to bride 🙂

Making Alternative Christian Wedding Vows

My bride and I are Christians, and we believe that you can get creative with your vows and still capture the essence of a Christ-centered wedding. Since you are usually allowed to write something more personal, use the opportunity to capture alternative Christian wedding vows. None of the cookie cutter stuff — not because they are bad, but

English Transcript: Wedding Vows from Groom to Bride

Mahal [My love],

It was 2015 when I started to seriously pray for a life partner but deep inside I’m worried if it was actually realistic to be praying for someone who will understand and accept my calling in the ministry, someone who’s independent (strong but gentle), someone who doesn’t wear make up too often, someone who’s not too vain and high-maintenance, someone who’s adventurous, and above all, someone who is accepting of me with my life status and family background. But little did I know, God was already taking of these worries and insecurities.

Of all the people I’ve met, you were the only one who proudly said “I want to marry a pastor! / I think I’ll marry a pastor!” without you knowing that I’ve long been planning to go to Bible School.

You’re someone who can stand on your own–which is why a lot of people get intimidated with you.

You’re not fond of putting on make-up, but when you do it, you never overdo it which is what I really like 🙂

When I saw your vid with Coy [your cousin] riding this slingshot in Boracay, and when you mentioned that you enjoy extreme rides, I got a bit scared. I’m normally brave and courageous but I’d faint with the thought of rollercoasters.

And above all, when we got together, I never felt that you looked down on me and my status and my background.

Instead…you’re like Donna in Suits–the one I know who’d be the most supportive person in this planet. Thank you for always being by my side, being behind me, supporting me every step of the way.

Many times during work meetings, people would react with my responses and my outputs–wondering how I was able to conjure those things, ask important questions, or even just present well. I learn all of those things from you. They just don’t know that it’s because you’re always available to help me.

Your love language is Quality Time and I know we’ve had a lot of discussions because I’m very busy with work–but I recall this one time when we were doing food tasting for our wedding. I know it was important to you and was also a chance to have some QT, but I kept on getting calls from the office that I couldn’t resist answering. I knew that you’d feel bad about it, but I was happily surprised that instead of murmuring or being annoyed, you even posted positively about me being there at the food tasting on our Facebook page (Redefining Us)–appreciating me instead of complaining about my broken promise to focus on our time together.

That day, I was reassured that I’m in good company that came from the Lord.

And today…even if I’m still struggling with this…

I vow to plan and give time to our date nights, roaming around, and travel (after ECQ) and to grab every QT we can have for the rest of our lives.
I also promise to learn to be a good communicator, who will explain what I feel especially when we have misunderstandings.

I pray that you won’t be insecure with how you look because I vow that we will always do the “princess turn” because you”ll always be the most beautiful in my eyes.

I also promise that we won’t run out of garbage bags and that I’ll always take the trash out–so help me God 🙂

And I vow to be the leader in our family and our spiritual journey.

I promise to do whatever is needed in order to provide for you and our children–even if we have to make hundreds of your statement earrings every day, I’d be willing to do it.

Lastly, I vow to love you as Christ loved the church. In good times or bad times. If we have plenty or if we have none. I’ll be more understanding and caring.

I’m looking forward to the day, in God’s time, that these vows will be fulfilled by His grace.

And I want you to know that I’m excited to help you fulfill God’s purpose in your life, whether it be as a ministry leader,, as wife, as mother to our future children, as friend, care group leader, and most of all, as a follower of Christ.

As long as we both shall live…I love you. Forever. For eternity. Until rapture. Until death do us part.

– Natz

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