Why You Should Date a Godly Man

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Why should you date a Godly man? Here’s a story of how being with a man full of faith helped keep my peace.

The Back Story – My Flight to Brisbane

I had the opportunity to fly to Brisbane for work in December 2018. While I was already familiar with Sydney, it was going to be my first time to head to a different city in Australia. It was scary but exciting–especially for a girl bitten by the travel bug like me. I’ve gotten used to flying solo–but it was nice to get a send-off from someone who was special. Natz and I were two months into our courtship season, so he accompanied me to the airport to bid me goodbye. Even then, I knew that I was blessed with the kind of guy I was with and why you should date a Godly man.

It was a two-part flight that had a layover in Hong Kong. I checked in at the Cathay counter in Manila & went through immigration with no issues. Flight went well. Was able to watch a nice movie. Landed on time. I had around 6 hours to kill in the airport so I roamed around, enjoyed the fast internet connection, and had a nice meal.

Something’s Wrong!

I settled in the boarding area early to avoid stress (HKIA is so big, and I didn’t want to run) Minutes before the boarding time, I got called to the gate. I knew in my gut that something was wrong.

Long story short, I couldn’t board the second plane to Brisbane.It was one of the most traumatic moments of my life.

I didn’t know what to do, but I knew that I just wanted to go home ASAP! The guy at the boarding gate told me that from what he knows, the next flights for the night (it was already 6pm) from HK to Manila were already full but I could go to the customer service desk for assistance.

Filled with Worries

When I was heading there, I had so many worries. How will I go home? How will I pay for the ticket? Is there even an available flight? What will happen to my check-in bag? Was it already loaded on the plane? What will I do if I can’t leave HK tonight? What will happen to my project in Brisbane that urgently needs me there?

I was trying to be calm on the outside, so as not to attract unnecessary attention, but I was panicking on the inside.

What a Godly Man Will Do For You

I messaged Natz and informed him of my situation–especially that there were no more flights and that there was no certainty on the whereabouts of my luggage. I was already feeling hopeless and defeated. Instead of coddling me like a baby, he asked to do something that only a man of God will suggest (which is one of the best reasons why you should date a Godly man):

why you should date a godly man

I was in utmost distress and this guy recommends that I utter God’s Word?? I couldn’t believe it! … It was so awesome! Natz kept reminding me to distinguish my emotions from what my spirit wants me to declare. Faith and worry continued to wrestle inside me (‘There’s really no more flight…) but he reminded me NOT to stop declaring God’s truth, meditating on it, and believing that He will prosper my situation.

Dealing With My Situation

Surprisingly–it was a surprise ’cause I’m such a crybaby in real lifeI did not cry. I was filled with peace from God’s Word. And true enough, one by one, my problems got sorted out:

  • My boss advised me to go ahead and have my homebound flight rebooked to that day instead of the original schedule (and we were going to sort the cost charging with the travel agency later).
  • Thank God for the self-control. Instead of harrassing the ladies at the customer service desk–like what everyone else was doing–I approached them in a calm and friendly manner (which is very not me!!!). Proverbs 3:4 is true. “Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man.” The ladies put my concern as top priority, and even though everyone has repeatedly told me that the flights were full, they found a way to get me to the 9 pm flight!!!
  • There was a problem with my luggage. It was already loaded onto the plane – so they had to locate it and transfer it to the new plane I was riding. It apparently wasn’t as easy as it sounds. There was a chance that my checked in luggage wouldn’t be there when I land in Manila. I was just instructed to wait if it turns out in the luggage belt, as they really couldn’t give me a sure answer. My God is a God of sure things though because upon landing in Manila, there it was! My bag made it!!!

The Blessing of Being With a Godly Man!

At 11:30 pm, I was welcomed at the airport by Natz with a cute signage.

why you should marry a godly man

I was thankful to God for using that moment to show me great qualities in Natz. He is grounded in the Word, and He is full of faith. He spoke God’s truth to me in the midst of panic – and that’s exactly what I knew I needed, more than the kiligs [giddy feelings] and sweet gestures.

This is why you should date a Godly man!It’s not just cancelled trips and visa issues. Even up to now, I am grateful to be married to a man who puts so much value on God’s Word, and who truly puts his faith into practice. His maturity has helped our relationship so much. When we’re having trouble at work, we are able to remind ourselves of how God gives wisdom. When one of us is sick, we are able to remind ourselves of how God has already given healing & we are just to claim it. When we’re feeling down about our imperfections (because we are NOT PERFECT and still do make mistakes) whether because of sin or insecurities, we are able to remind ourselves that we are the righteousness of God in Christ.

God is Our Main Source!

And, we are only able to do all these things because we know that GOD IS FAITHFUL and we actually believe it. I’m sharing this not to give my husband the glory–only God is to be glorified–but I want to emphasize that what he is able to do is made possible by an active & living relationship with God. It’s one thing to just know that God is faithful, and it’s another to REALLY believe it and act in accordance to that faith.

why you should date a godly man, natz meki

Ladies (and even gentlemen), go for someone who will not just shower you with sweet words, but will actually depend on God’s Word. Choose someone who will not just “think positive”, but will actually meditate on God’s Word and believe His promises. Be with someone who will not just do his best for you, but will acknowledge that God is still your ultimate source of strength and your ever-present help.

Trust me. When you’re hundreds of miles away & struggling with your flight, or when you’re sick & visiting the bathroom every 30 minutes, or when you’re annoyed with a colleague, or when you’re feeling condemned…that’s the kind of person you’ll need.So yes. You should date a Godly man.

why should you date a godly man
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